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Felt FR2インプレ①

About a year ago I had dinner with other retailers, a Felt Bicycles distributor, and the founder of Felt Bicycles, Jim Felt.


I was very impressed by his vision as a manufacturer and was interested in giving his bicycles a try.

In 2017, Felt debuted its newest model, the FR series.

fr header(1)

I was in the market for a new bicycle so I decided to look into their new models.  So I asked a writer friend of mine in the industry about the Felt FR series and he had nothing but praise for it.

Having made up my mind to try a Felt bicycle, I had to choose between the three models:  the FRD, the FR1, and the FR2.


The FRD wasn’t available yet so I chose the FR2 because I preferred the light blue of the logo.


light blue of the logo


I upgraded my component system to the newly released DURA-ACE Di2, which is widely considered the best component system money can buy.


R9150 DURA-ACE Di2


I was pleasantly surprised to see that the FR2 has the Pioneer Pedaling Monitor built into the left side of the crank, a design innovation that makes the model more expensive but is ultimately worth it as most serious riders use a leg power meter and you do not have to worry about magnet falling off.


magnet has already installed inside the frame(also on the right side)

I’m really looking forward to testing my Felt FR2.  I’ll report back after my first ride.


most of default parts are upgraded or changed

Happy Cycling!



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